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Oroberas 1
It was a gentle light, the sun that shone down to the field that day. The breeze was soft and a lone young man lay on his back in the grass, gazing up at the clouds above. His straw-colored hair tickled his nose every so often, but Garen ignored it. With weather as beautiful as this, nothing could bother him. He knew his uncle would be coming to get him soon enough, so he would enjoy the moment of peace while it lasted. Like a child he let a hand rise towards the white fluffs above, allowing himself to imagine for a moment he could grasp them and play with massive mounds of mist. He gasped in surprise when the clouds moved in reaction to his hand. Not believing it, he made a larger swipe with his palm. This time the cloud had dissipated like a puff of smoke, only a few white wisps still flowing about where it once was.
        Garen stood quickly, looking at his tanned hands to make sure they appeared the same, and checked to make sure he was the
:iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 2 2
Joy by Xitemorizel Joy :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 1 9
A fall from grace,
such a waste,
how can you stand to look at my face?
I wonder how long I can stand strong,
my will intact but my heart feeling wrong.
So few yet so many it feels like a lie,
I keep on running, not yet time to die.
My soul is ablaze - my strength will not fade,
Despite what you think this is no charade.
I know what I want and I hope that I will,
pursue it completely without standing still.
You see what I crave yet you'd dare to deny it?
My treasure is mine no matter your fit.
Destroy me and assault me,
such as you'd like,
but you fail to realize...
I have love in me.
:iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 0 0
The setting sun shone down gently onto Marie's umbrella, and though it was a beautiful day she drew no odd stares from anyone around her. Partly because she sat in the middle of a train station and everyone was attending their own business, and partly because such odd characters were becoming more and more common lately in the area. So she sat there, undisturbed, until at last the whistles began to blow and conductors began to call for tickets. The last train for the hour pulled into the station along its own private track, the massive gold-engraved Shell of the locomotive revealing it's identity as the luxury cruiser the "Wildergiest". In one fluid motion the pale woman would stand and put away the book she had been reading while picking up her bag, then begin walking amongst the crowd. Maybe it wa
:iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 1 0
Xitemo face colored by Xitemorizel Xitemo face colored :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 2 10 Viaeus facial reference by Xitemorizel Viaeus facial reference :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 1 2 Ninn my dear... ninn by Xitemorizel Ninn my dear... ninn :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 3 8 Dragoneater by Xitemorizel Dragoneater :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 1 23 Chibi teim by Xitemorizel Chibi teim :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 1 5 Sakkareem Redux by Xitemorizel Sakkareem Redux :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 1 1 Xitemo Reference by Xitemorizel Xitemo Reference :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 0 0 Leon request by Xitemorizel Leon request :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 1 3
Blind Freedom
Remove the stitches from your mouth and gauze from your eyes,
Can't you see what happens when nobody tries?
Pain. Tears. Death and Blood.
You moan about demons but all you do is run.
Stand up from the crowd and let loose your voice,
Allow us to rise and finally rejoice.
Scared little lambs and wolves in sheeps's clothing,
While you sit around everyone is dying and moaning.
Remove the stitches from your mouth and gauze from your eyes,
Can't you see what happens when nobody tries?
Pain. Tears. Death and Blood.
You moan about demons but all you do is run.
How can you be weak and yet claim justice?
All you do is whine and leave the strong broken.
They fight for your sins- and yet you keep asking.
Is that what this is? A cycle everlasting?
I have a blade at their throat.They have a gun to my skull.
What will you do when it's time for the trigger to pull?
:iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 2 12
Color Pencils...amidoinitrite by Xitemorizel Color Pencils...amidoinitrite :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 2 14 Druid Xitemo Manyclaws by Xitemorizel Druid Xitemo Manyclaws :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 2 2 Saphious form revamped by Xitemorizel Saphious form revamped :iconxitemorizel:Xitemorizel 0 2

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  • Listening to: Techno
  • Reading: Whatever catches my interests
  • Watching: I -want- to watch the new Walking Dead series
  • Playing: Maplestory
  • Eating: Lots of different things. Nothing currently.
  • Drinking: 5hour energy

1) My last name is far more awesome than yours, no matter what you say. Seriously. I'll prove it >:D
2) Speaking of my last name, it means 'violin maker' in Polish.
3) Also, stop saying it has one vowel. This is one of those cases where the Y -is- a vowel. So there :b
4)Enough about my name though. Did you know my favorite color is red?
5) Preferably the shade of scarlet.
6) I'd tell you my favorite food but it varies on my mood. Usually Ramen or some other noodle-based eatable though.
7) I don't have a very big sweet tooth, though I love pastries with a passion.
8)When I play video games, I often go out of my way to do the objectives out of order, usually last to first... just to do it.
9) I love shooting games but suck at them. Mostly because I over think things and there's no real time to think in those damn games.
10) Also because it's nearly impossible to snipe properly in those damn games. Seriously. One or two kills and suddenly you have to change spots because the other players know where you are. That's bull.
11) I still love playing Pokemon. If you think that game is only for kids, then you are clearly phobic of enjoying your inner child. Like homophobic... but of inner children. Or something.
12) My sense of humor is lost on most people. Probably because it revolves around vague ideas with multiple levels. It's not that it's complicated... it just doesn't make sense to most people.
13) The number 12 has a special meaning to me. I don't know why yet, but I'll figure it out. I just know it does.
14) I actually feel that your astrological sign has some bearing on your personality. And not even through mystical supernatural means. Go ahead and ask me some time and I'll explain in more detail.
15) I hate grape flavored things. I like actual grapes mind you, but grape flavored things make me want to punch baby midgets.
16) My favorite movie of all time has to be 'Get him to the Greek'. It tops all other movies ever. Don't disagree with me, I said it's -my- favorite. Not yours. (Special bonus points: Tell me why you think I like that movie so much in your comment and if you're right you get a gold star!)
17) I tend to irritate the living hell out of most people when I meet them. I won't deny it. However, I also grow on you like a flesh-eating disease. By the time you realize you actually like hanging out with me... it's way too late! >:D
18) I love cartoons. Again,you think they're for kids? Get over yourself. You're not that cool :D
19) I tend to be a little cynical and yet optimistic at the same time.In fact, those that know me well realize that I have a very contradictory personality. Those who know me -best- though understand how and why that works for me.
20) I have monologues with myself in my head. Sometimes even when I'm talking to someone else. Think J.D. from scrubs... but less ridiculous?
21) I love books. God damn do I love books. I don't read as much as I used to, but when I do I binge read. If you're reading this go read 'A case of conscience' right now. Do it or I will hunt you down and force you to. It will not be pleasant.
22) I'm filling this out partly because Casey tagged me, but also because I have a strange penchant for telling people information about myself. I dunno. I just enjoy it. Also, if you actually read this far, type 'calla' somewhere in your comment. As in the lily. Most of you won't get this. There is one person who should :b
23) I'm an oddball if you haven't figured it out yet. I'm assuming you enjoy that strange quality about me or you wouldn't interact with me. If so, I'm glad to be of service. If not... well I'm sorry but I really don't care? D:
24) I am loyal to the end to my friends. Probably to a fault. But I find pride in that. I'd rather be loyal and get hurt for it than dip out when someone needed me just to save my own skin.
25) I love symmetry but have an odd sense of it. Pendulums are also something I have an attachment too. You should totally get me one if you ever want to get me a gift but don't know what to get me :b


United States
If you understand this peice, then you understand me. If not? There are other less direct ways.

"Life is a journey, and just like any normal one your fellow travelers make it worth trekking ."

Current Residence: Stockton, CA
Favourite genre of music: rock, classical, techno and/or house
Favourite style of art: realistic anime, optical illusions, realism
Operating System: a computer? oh, wait, windows XP (what do you care?)
MP3 player of choice: anything that works i guess...
Shell of choice: ...what? um... conch? clam? crab?
Wallpaper of choice: whatever i feel ike at the time.
Skin of choice: the kind that stays on my body thank you.
Favourite cartoon character: Vash the Stampede,Renji Abarai, Grimjow Jaquerjaws
Personal Quote: There is no 'good' or 'evil'. There is only 'us' and 'them'.


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